Aeolian Ergonautics
Aeolian Music Works  -  A MUSIC RECORDING LABEL.
Aeolian Music Works is the music recording label of Aeolian Ergonautics. Most of the music released on this label was recorded at the recording studio of George Koumantzelis -
AEOLIA Recording Studio. Some of the music was recorded in other professional recording studios. At other times, the music may have been recorded live by George using his mobile, direct-to-disc, stereo recording equipment. This is a local digital recording service that is known by the name of: TAN HAT  TWO-TRACK. Give me a call or send me an e-mail if you want me to record you or your band. My rates are reasonable.
Link to the musical web site of Aeolian Kid at CD in order to buy albums of hard-folk, space-blues, and tribal-rock songs of heart-centered, mind-manifesting, tail-wagging music by AEOLIAN KID here!... Also available at

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Aeolian Music Works - Album Catalog:
01. The Basement Beats The Wamesit Jams (#1)                                (AMW-TBB-001)
02.  Aeolian Kid  Aierie: Euripides Rising  (AMW-AOK-001)
03.  Aeolian Kid  Live In Wamesit  and Beyond  (AMW-AOK-002)
04. Aeolian Kid  S. A. G. E.  (Spiritual Aesthetic Generating                 Ecstasy)  (AMW-AOK-003)
05.  Aeolian Kid  Mojo Jams: #1  (AMW-AOK-004)
06. Aeolian Kid Mojo Jams: #2  (AMW-AOK-005)
07. Aeolian Kid Mojo Jams: #3 (AMW-AOK-006)
08. Aeolian Kid Mojo Jams: #4  (AMW-AOK-007)
09. Aeolian Kid Centered (AMW-AOK-008)
10. Aeolian Kid Leftovers & Second Helpings  (AMW-AOK-009)
11. Aeolian Kid  Fervently Uncontrollable Carefree Kinetics                  Inspiring Noetic Gnosis... ALLRIGHT! (AMW-AOK-010)
12. Aeolian Kid Jajouka Jam (AMW-AOK-011)
13. Aeolian Kid  Meditative Macaroon Racoon from Cameroon             (AMW-AOK-012)
14. Aeolian Kid Moon In Sagittareus  (AMW-AOK-013)
15. Aeolian Kid Hacksawed Zildjian  (AMW-AOK-014)
16. Aeolian Kid  Lane Shifters: Coder's Trance & Highway Dance        (AMW-AOK-015)
17. Aeolian Kid:  Nagog, Eggnog, Gog, and Magog ... YOWZA!           (AMA-AOK-016)
18. Aeolian Kid  Eclectic Eclipse  (AMW-AOK-017)
19. Aeolian Kid  AEOLIA: The Wooden Ship (AMW-AOK-018)
20. Aeolian Kid  Barn Band Music (AMW-AOK-019)
21. Aeolian Kid  Loved In Latvia  (AMW-AOK-020)
22. Aeolian Kid Ecological Ecstasy  (AMW-AOK-021)
23. Aeolian Kid Graceful Guru Soles: Trekker's Delight                       (AMW-AOK-022)
24. Aeolian Kid Slinky Satori & The Holistic Hot Tubs                         (AMW-AOK-023)
25. Aeolian Kid  You Can't Privatize My Mind! (AMW-AOK-024)
26. Aeolian Kid  Diatonic Drone  (AMW-AOK-025)
27. Aeolian Kid  A Windshield Wiper World  (AMW-AOK-026)
28. Aeolian Kid  The Work And The Watch  (AMW-AOK-027)
29. Aeolian Kid  Monkey Wrench Beer and A Seersucker Seer             (AMW-AOK-028)
30. Aeolian Kid  Waves Of Rage at Mutant Mallard Mecca                   (AMW-AOK-029)
31. Aeolian Kid  Weirdness Is Beyond Measurement                            (AMW-AOK-030)

32. The Woodshed Grunts In The Land Of NOD                                 (AMW-TWG-001)
33. The Woodshed Grunts The Bombus Suite  (AMW-TWG-002)
34. The Woodshed Grunts Zap Your Head Into Deep Space!              (AMW-TWG-003)
35. The Woodshed Grunts  Metanoia  (AMW-TWG-004)
36. The Woodshed Grunts Synaesthetic Soul Travelors                     (AMW-TWG-005)
37. The Woodshed Grunts  Vibrational Visions                                    (AMW-TWG-006)
38. The Woodshed Grunts Mega-Chips of Cosmic Kindling                (AMW-TWG-007)
39. The Woodshed Grunts: Bacterial Conspiracies                              (AMW-TWG-008)
40. The Woodshed Grunts  Deep Space Loose Strings: A                   Slacker's Paradise  (AMW-TWG-009)
41. The Woodshed Grunts  The Dynamic Kyklos of Ekstasis               (AMW-TWG-010)
42. The Woodshed Grunts  Hobbit Hole Heaven                                  (AMW-TWG-011)
43. The Abstract Orangutans  The Abstract Orangutans                     (AMW-TAO001)                          
44. Internal Combustion Fossil Fuel Furnace  (AMW-INC-001)
45. Seeds Of Sound Lowell Ecology Benefit Concert (Rock                  Mount Trashmore!): Volumes One & Two  (AMW-SOS-001)
46. George Koumantzelis Poetry Performance Pieces: Volumes         One & Two  (AMW-GNK-001)
47. Al Moody & Friends A Wamesit Sunday Jam                               (AMW-AMF-001)
48. The Duffer Zone  The Duffer Zone (AMW-TDZ-001)
49. Landing In Libra Palindromically Symmetrical Pulse Waves         (AMW-LIL-001)
50. Landing In Libra  Jazak-Allah!: Volumes One & Two                      (AMW-LIL-002)
51. Landing In Libra  Traversing The Hypotenuse                                (AMW-LIL-003)
52. Landing In Libra  ZERO Factorial 0!  (AMW-LIL004)
53. Landing In Libra  Hugging The Inside Curve (AMW-LIL-005)
54. Landing In Libra  Purple Mountain Majesties (AMW-LIL-006)
55. Landing In Libra Over The Vast Horizon  (AMW-LIL-007)
56. Landing In Libra Adventures On The High Seas Of Sound            (AMW-LIL-008)
57. Landing In Libra  An Afternoon Stroll  (AMW-LIL-009)
58. Landing In Libra  Destination Unknown (AMW-LIL-010)
59. Landing In Libra  Libran Landing  (AMW-LIL011)
60. Landing In Libra  Zenny & Zeno's Seventh Dimension Blues         (AMW-LIL012)
61. Landing In Libra  The Squirrel Session  (AMW-LIL-013)
62. Landing In Libra  Libran Leftovers  (AMW-LIL-014)
63. Landing In Libra Basmati Bliss (AMW-LIL-015)
64. Landing In Libra  The Blackout Boogie  (AMW-LIL-016)
65. Landing In Libra  Meditation In Motion  (AMW-LIL-017)
66. Aeolian Music Works Catalog Album One: Cosmic Podunk          (AMW-CAT-001)
67. Aeolian Music Works Catalog Album Two: From Quark To            Quasar  (AMW-CAT-002)
68. Aeolian Music Works Catalog Album Three: All Is One                (AMW-CAT-003)
69. Aeolian Music Works  Catalog Album Four: Iskoloonizinernly         Yours In Nerhitrogool  (AMW-CAT-004)
70. Aeolian Music Works Catalog Album Five: Nagarjuna's                 Noetic Nod (AMW-CAT-005)
71. Aeolian Music Works  Catalog Album Six: Gurdjieff's                     Groundhog Groove (AMW-CAT-006)
72. Aeolian Music Works  Catalog Album Seven: Garaguna                Gong  (AMW-CAT-007)
73. Aeolian Music Works Catalog Album Eight: Dagoumena's             Den  (AMW-CAT-008)
74. Aeolian Music Works Catalog Album Nine: The Microcosm           Reflects The Macrocosm (A Hodgepodge Collection)                       (AMW-CAT-009)
75. Aeolian Music Works Catalog Album Ten: Older Than The          Sun And Younger Than The Sunrise  (AMW-CAT-010)
Also Look for Albums by the Following Bands:
TRUE AGE  music  from  True Age Records:
TRUE AGE is: George Koumantzelis on acoustic drums, cymbals & percussion, and Andrew Szava-Kovats on electronic keyboards and synthesizers. All of our music is recorded in a spirit of creative spontaneity. We have made two albums: TWO HEADS, ONE DREAM, and TWO IN A MILLION, both of which are released on the True Age Records label, and available directly from True Age Records or from the TRUE AGE musical web site at CD Both of these albums were recorded, engineered, and mixed by Andrew Szava-Kovats (who also did the mastering) in his own recording studio, where all of this music was performed and recorded with minimal overdubs! Also, all of the artwork for the front and back album covers of both albums was created by Andrew who is quite an accomplished painter when he is not doing music, writing poetry, or building fences! ... This is ambient, electronic, instrumental, meditative, trance, tribal, world-beat music.
CONTACT INFO:  Aeolian Music Works  - PO BOX 45 - Lowell, MA - 01853  - PHONE: 978-454-1284
76. Barefoot Nunus The Caretakers (Clearing In The Woods)              (BNM-CAR-001)
77. Barefoot Nunus The Caretakers (Chaotic Calm)                            (BNN-CAR-002)
78. Barefoot Nunus Bible Belts and Battery Acid (BNM-BBB-003)
79. Barefoot Nunus & Friends In Svetlana's Kitchen                           (BNM-ISK-004)
80. Barefoot Nunus The Octagon Space Tribe Jam                             (BNM-OST-005)
81. Barefoot Nunus M. U. L. C. H.  (Metanoic Unity Loves                    Cosmic Homeostasis)  (BNM-MUL-006)
82. Barefoot Nunus  Fresh Sawdust and Scrap Wood                           (BNM-SSW-007)
83. Barefoot Nunus Indian Corn Floorsweepers   (BNM-INC-008)
84. Barefoot Nunus The Backwoods of Beatitude: A Space Of              Grace at Lake Rohunta  (BNM-BBG-009)
85. Barefoot Nunus Green Moss and Tree Stumps                              (BNM-BIB-010)         
All of the above albums and more which will be forthcoming are available as APOGEE Gold Unbranded CDR's for sale from this web site by sending a check or money order for a total of $12.00 dollars per album made out to: George Koumantzelis.
Mail CD orders to: Aeolian Music Works,
                              P.O. BOX 45,
                              Lowell, MA  01853            
PHONE: 978 - 454-1284
                       AEOLIAN  ERGONAUTICS 
Link to the TRUE AGE web site for the ambient-electronic and world-beat music of Andrew Szava-Kovats and George Koumantzelis at CD here!...
Chronological List of: Clients and Collaborators, Gear-Grunts and Good-Groove Buddies, Artists, Bands, Jamming Friends, Musicians, and Poets who George Koumantzelis has worked with so far in his life, as well as inspiring people and places who have influenced my music or my life in some way. Names in red appear on the Aeolian Music Works record label:
1967 to 1973:  George Koumantzelis, Dimitri Giavis, Steve Koukias, Mike Ginieres, George Stamas, Nick Gavriel, John Psomiades, Chuck Monoxelos, Elias Soiles, Chris Manos, Arthur Spiro, Chuck Spiro, Vito Selvaggio, Juan Pecos, Lenny Stellos, Arthur Neofotistos, Rollie Coulliard, Bobby Coulliard, Mike Petroulis, Nicky Petroulis, Dave Brown, Rick Scaff, Billy Hollis, Paul Hollis, Jimmy Kalarites, Peter Zis, Jimmy Kanavas, Nahum Halamoutis, Ted Leonsis, Juan Cote, Lenny Bucuvalas, Patrick DePolito, Peter MacMunn, Bill Kane, Eddy Domoracki, Dave Greenwood, Larry Martin, George Panousis, Jeff David, Billy Stohl, Gary Rogers, Einstein's Theory,  Paul Donovan, George Brunelas, Peter Zis, Eddie Villaras, Nick Diamond, Van Christopher Vaniotis, Michael Themopoulos, Teddy Koutris, Charlie Dabekis, Chris Bentas, Mr. and Mrs. John Bentas, Tim Bentas, Adam Sgouros, Charles Antonopoulos, Nicky Theodorou, Uncle John's Attic Room, David Stillwaggon, Peter Stillwaggen, My Pad at Yiayia's House, Pappoo's Peach Tree and Organic Vegetable Garden, Yiayia's Flower Garden, My Father's Blueberry Pancakes, My Mother's Spearmint Potato Salad, Auntie Helen's Hamburg Spaghetti Sauce, Yiayia's Rice Pilafi, Uncle John's famous Haddock Fish Sauce and Salad Dressing, Niko Vergados, Nicky Hantzis, Sammy Hantzis, The House on Clark Road with the two tall Stone Lions out front on either side of the Front Door, Richard Whitney, Jack's Junkyard, The Dutch Tea Room, 12th Street, Methuen Street, Foxy Drenas, Hafner's Kick-Ass Gas, French Street Canal, Dutton Street Canal, Jimmy Valantzis, Peter Soukaris, Tommy Petroulis, George Choulias, Chachas Market, The Parkway Bar, Old Man Kyrie Dimitri, Michael Conway, Pellon Yard, Wannalancet Street, West Bowers Street, The Black Room, The Immaculate Conception Church Lawn, Gormley's, Nicky Kastanas, The Parker Gallery, Christian Hill, Kyria Papadopoulou - my first music teacher, Pawtucketville, The Flats, South Lowell, Downtown Lowell, The Highlands, The Acre, Talbot St., Belvidere, Centerville,Niko and Eleni, Jack Kerouac, Johnny Koumantzelis, Cucco, Mr. William Hollis, Mike "Spider" Koumantzelis and Debby, Ostroff's Clothing Store, Jerry's Army and Navy Store, The Morey School, Letty Kouminis and Oskar Parigian, Richard Conragian, Mr. and Mrs. Conragian, The Green School, The Daily School, The Riley School, Dimitri, The Hellenic American School, Saint Patrick's School, The Franco American School with the Stations of The Cross and Jesus still hanging up on it in the back overlooking the Pawtucket Falls, The Pawtucket Falls Bridge, Adams Street, Little Street, Canal Street, Mrs. Dagdigian, Cape Cod, Ralph Fannaro, Jeff Saba, George Gatzimos, Archie Gatzimos, Auntie Helen's Lime Rickeys, Charlie Shadan, David Stillwaggon, Peter Stillwaggon, Peter Lullas, Chris Zelias, Jimmy Scondras, George Lellos, Peter Liakos, Evan Coravos, Billy Lekas, Dave Husson, EASY RIDER, Steve Lambroukos, Hank Golden, Mark Garduno, Andy Poet, Paul Christides, Mrs Christides, Arthur Bentas, Tony Sampas, Jim Sampas, Bruce Miller, Danny Miller, Michael O'Brien, Joe Brady, "Koumy," Venus, Dr. An Wang, Charles Laquidara, Tommy Hadges, Jerry Goodwin, Andy Beaubien, and Maxanne Sartori at WBCN, WLTI, WLLH, WRKO, WERS, WCOZ, Metro Music, Wurlitzers, Jimmy and Sphia Karabatsos, Louiee Karabatsos, Jim and Lulla Droney,  Jimmy Kafasis, Michael Ansara, Jimmy Zamanakis, "Tiny," Charlie Thomas, Steve Chicklis, Jimmy Vergados, "Toota," Cousins Tony Noviello and Stratty Ballaselle, Al DeFrancesco, Serge Desilets, Nachef, "Phona," Lou Orphanos, Sparta, Danny Macheras, Gus Papoutsis, Cousin Nikoletta, Johnny Soteriou, Charlie Zgonis, Bob Massy, Andy Beaubien, The Daily Lemon-Water of "Yiayia Vergados," Nicky Karamousianis, George The Taylor, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Azimov, Robert Heinlein, Timmy and Maria Galedaris, Angelo Demoulas, John Haidutis, Paul Kapetanopoulos, The Church of All Nations, The Girls Club, Tommy Belkakos, "Leroy," Tim Moriarty, Harold Wingood, LCharlie Spanos, David Fergusen, Mike Nikitas, Billy Andraktos, Nicky Kalergis, Allen Patterson, Mark Ledoux, Paul and Vickie Tsongas, Ymittos Candle Factory, Jim Peters, Chucky Kokinos and Rosemary Drenas, George Kalarites, Michael Sarantakos, Uncle Paul Tatsios, George Tatsios, Woodstock, Charlie "Spanos" Spanos, Auntie Joanne and Uncle Louiee Leonsis, Aunt Claire Koumantzelis, Uncle Chris and Aunt Iris Koumantzelis, Yiayia Koumantzelis's pictures on the wall, Ava Koumantzelis, Evan Zgonis, Charlie Zgonas, David Ginieres, Peter Agris, Elias Tobacco, Louie Mitsios, Tommy Koumis, Jimmy Abraham, Notini Tobacco, Stevie Demogenes, Plato Karafelas, Johnny Dagoumis, Charley Giant, The Wamesit Drive-In, Kouminis Coffee Shop, The Green School, Chucky Kelogeropoulos, Tommy and Elaine Economou, Bobby Murphy, Michael Psaledakis, Dennis Kirwin, Steven Ziogas, Angie and Chris Ziogas, Jimmy and Sophia Karabatsos, Louiee Karabatsos, Mr. Koukias the Milkman, Johnny Boutselos, John Miller, Joe Miller, Pater's Sgouros, Joey Mansur, Father George Karahalios, Father Philip Gialopsos, Archbishop Iakovos, Father "Spike" Morissette, Lucy and Dorothy Brown, Jimmy and Gail Kafasis, Michael Zamborski, Yiayia's funky friends: Dagoumena and Garafilia, Steve and Lilly Ivos, Nicky Vulcanos, Peter Vulcanos, Teddy Mirras and Bessy Mirras, The Lewis Family, Vito Selvaggio, Andy Robinson, Jimmy Sarantos, Theophani and Eleni Tingas, Stephen Psaledakis, Norman Levasseur, Tom Sampson, Ben Fong Torres, Michael Baltoumis, Jonathan Moriarty, Tommy Flynn, Dave Dokos, LOZO, Paul Gaitanos, Paul Hansen, Tina Velantzis, Peter Ivos, Peter Sarantos, Teddy Curtis, Jann Wenner, Gregory Curtis, Terry Gormley, Chris Gallagher, Danny Gallagher, Ernie Ames, George Psaledakis, Ziggy The Milkman, Michael McFadden, Brian McFadden, Chipper, Richard Enwright, Linda Lyons, Peter Walsh, Ned Flood, Mario Seppi, Richard The Hippie, Steve and Nancy Conant, My Teachers: Kyria Papadopoulou, Mrs. Gill, Mrs. Moody, Mr. Mack, Mr. Moore, Mr. Knoop, Mrs. McGlinchy, Mrs. Simonson, Miss Sicard, Mr. Petros, Miss Collins, Mrs. Kaknes, Miss Kaufmann,Mrs. Hancock, and Mr. Earle, Mr. Hill, and Mr. LeDoux at Lowell High School, Tony Pacy, Evan and Louiee at ACE Trucking, Howie at Harman's Paint Store, Eddy at Groveland, Uncle Harry at Giavis Market, Bill Giavis, WGBH Screening Room, Mrs. Giavis, Aunt Sophia Giavis, Harry at The Parkway, Jimmy the Janitor at the Greek Gift Shop, Drill at The Annex, The Art Room, Stuart's, Zayre's, King's, Skips, Harvey's Comics, Garnick's, Record Lane, The Giant Store, Buzzy Linheart, Big G's, Burbacks, Galen Pharmacy, The YMCA Upstairs Gym Track, The Boy's Club Basketball Court, The Spear House, Nabnasett Lake, Giavis Market, Tatsios Restaurant, Parkway Photo, The Owl Diner, Alexis Pharmacy, The Whistler House, Bartlett Yard, Derry NH, West Bowers Street, Belvidere, The Round House, The Far Side, Merrimack Valley,  Wannalancit Street, Wamesit,  Turnas Pastries, The Smith Baker Center, The GOYA Club, Shedd Park, Fort Hill, The North Common, The South Common, The Greek School, Hovey St., Lowell Memorial Auditoreum, Holy Ghost Park, Lucy Larcum Park, Dummer Street, Havilah Street, Adam's Terrace, The Commodore Ballroom, Prince's Bookstore, North Common Housing Project, Broadway Diner, Broadway Taxi, Kafasis Furs, Hovey Street, Cabot Street, SuffolkStreet, The Gorham Street Boneyards, Westlawn Cemetary, Edson Cemetary, The Greek American Legion, Ymitto's Candle Factory, Foreign Auto Parts, The Dump, The Incinerators, Dutton Street Aikido, The House of Irwin, Olympia Restaurant, Olympus Bakery, Starr Ave., River Road Cemetary, Saint George's Churchyard, Saint Patrick's, Holy Trinity, The Transfiguration, The Immaculate Conception, Saint Jean D'Arc, The Lowell Library, City Hall, Remington Street, Maquilla St., Harry Chapin, Morningside Drive, Longmeadow St., Havillah St., Clark Road, Kathleta St., Talbot St., Fairmont Ave., The Castle, Battle's Home, Lowell State Teacher's College Playing Field, Lowell Tech Gym, The Ultimate, Nicky's Bar, London Taylor, The Dutch Tea Room, Pawtucket Falls,  Olympus Bakery, Andover Street, Trull Brook, Hovey St., Arthur Bentas's Middlesex Street Corner Motorcycle Shop, Brooklyn's Sunset Park, Steak and Brew in NYC, Slaughterhouse Five, The Orpheum Theater, The Music Hall, The Boston Tea Party, Schaefer Summer Music Concerts in New York's Central Park, The Tree House, Boston Garden, Longmeadow Golf Course, Gum's Family's Clark Road Barn, The Strand, Wamesit Drive-In, The Boys Club, The YMCA, K.C. Jones Basketball Camp, The Pow Wow Oak Woods, Belmont Ave., Hank's Used Furniture, The Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, Cream, Circus, Boston After Dark, The Boston Tea Party, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Johnny Carson Show, Kung Fu,The Harvard Coop, Harvard Square, The Swamp, Boston Common, North Station, Seabrook, Boston's Beacon Hill All-Black Regiment Civil War Bronze Statue Memorial, The little ancient Greek Theater on the North Common outside of the Transfiguration Orthodox Church, WGBH / Screening Room, WGBH / The Great American Dream Machine, Lance Loud, WOODSTOCK, Easy Rider, Woody Allen, Robert Mitchum, Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Wounded Knee, Dee Brown, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young.
1973 to 1976: George Koumantzelis, Greg Franceschi, Rasputin, Renny and Laura Franceschi, Tom "Sky Warrior" Giemza, Ovo Ozarkian, Shoonie Gadugian, Gyorgi Butzmanian, Arthur Masmanian, Harry Garabedian, Kevork Naccashian, "The Fog Brothers," Gadag, Arturo Yobonian, Hagop Hyehastanian,Krekor Kevorkian,  Athanasi Haralambosian, Puma Aietos, Azad Adsvadzazinian, Joe Hebert, and Liz Hebert, Naomi and Bruce Peoples, Haralambos Athanasian, Dave White, Melvin Hall, Flo's Diner, Brad LaBroad, Jim Nakos, Michael "Pasqua" Tiberio, Gary Klough and Reddog, Gary Ostroff, Danny Donabedian, Shoonie Yobonian, Michael Basili, Richard Pioli, "Flash," UMIES, Donald McGilvray, Greg Ball, Kenny Koumjian, Harpo and Maryanne, Powers, Brian Hebert and Pam Owen, Euripides, John Mackapetris, Andy Sakin, John Cogswell, Dave Robbins, Dave Humphreys, Rick Griffin, Chet Helms and The Family Dog, The Diggers, Stanley and Mouse, Sahib Mahout Kevin Sanford, His Highness, Art Kleps, Chief Boo Hoo of The Neo-American Church, LOVE NEEDS CARE, Mount Tobi, Mount Tom, Mount Adams, Mount Holyoke, The Greek Dances, Dave Lamkins and Judy Lamkins, Amber Dog, The Pierpont Coffeehouse, Terry Young, DHARMA, Joe Platz, Elliot Phillips, Ida and Larry Franceschi, Ernie Summer, Tobi the Terrier, Mugzy, Kevin Mack, Burnout, Michael Norris and Sandy Norris, Kenny Packer, Guy Dragon, My teachers at U-Mass, Amherst: John Marry, Dierdre Lannon, Paula Reiner, Dr. Ozwald Tippo, Vartan Artinian, and Austin Chinn, The Doors of Perception, Baba Ram Dass, Carlos Castaneda, Room To Move, Manny's MAZDA, The Dump, Macy Rosenthal at Sir Speedy on Appleton Street, Charlie Touliopoulos, The Suffolk Street Jesus People: Greg, Michael, and crew, The King Of Hearts, The Groove Tube, George Tsandikos, Michael Rosenthal, Larry Ohno!, Jay Maille, Marianne McMann, Lesley Hayden, Alexander Tsiaras, "Ron, Rob, Bob, and Mike" in the  Pierpont Quad, Isadora Duncan and "My Life," Nijinsky, The Bolta Boys: Pucko, Vito, Jacky, and Winky Wally, Grandma Sito Sally Mansur and Prince her Missouri Beagle, Al Pacino, Serpico, The Cage, The Hatch, The Blue Wall, The People's Market, U-Mass Library, Tillson Farm, Louie Oboe, Brian Sandy, Brian's Metaphysical Bookstore, The Carriage Shops, Augie's News Stand, The Buick LeSabre, Peter Wysocki's Farm, The Student Union Ballroom, The Grad Research Center, The Drake, The Fine Arts Center, Monadnock, Cance Pueblo, Pierpont Pueblo, Moore House, JQA, Southwest, Rhetoric Of Film, Quicksilver Bar, The Orchard Hill Observatory, The Field, F-Lot, Dr. Ozwald Tippo and Food Science and Nutrition 101, Rhetoric of Film, Thompson Lecture Hall, De Duva, The Seventh Seal, Seven Samurai, The Stadium, Metawampe, The Old Chapel, The Campus Pond, The Hungry U, Bell's Pizza, The Campus Center, The Flashcube, The Southwest Tunnel, The Iron Horse, Faces Of Earth, Dynamite Records, Yesterday And Today, Hadley Corn Fields, The Hadley Farm House, The U-Mass Library, North Pleasant Street, Fearing Street, The Connecticut River Valley, University Ave., Route 9, Amherst College, WMUA, Basics Dining Common, The Daily Collegian, Madam Kalso's Earthshoe Store, King Of Hearts, The Valley Advocate, The Teachings of Don Juan, A Separate Reality, BE HERE NOW, The Boo Hoo Bible, Truro, The Groove Tube, Howlin' Wolf, Munson Hall, Muson Hall Annex, Herter Hall, Whitmore, Sylvan, Tobin Hall, Butterfield, Greenough, Bowker Playing Filed, Stockbridge Animal Farm, Cance Hall Darkroom, Smith College Greenhouses and Gardens, Gregory Curtis, Teddy Curtis, The Curtis Malaphora Mountain Retreat in NH, The 1976 Bicentennial Protest at Concord Bridge in Concord, Sylvester's, Campus Center, Draper Hall, Hartford Civic Center, Route Nine, The Back Roads, Route 116, Hadley Tobacco Fields, Another Place, The Pierpont Yurt, The Turkish-Taffy Sculpture, The Mahar Yurt, Mahar Auditoreum, The R.F. Dana Home, Greg's summer Barn Home on Northeast Street, Aldous Huxley's  "Island," The Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell, "It Is The Love Of Having THE GOOD For Oneself Always" - George Koumantzelis Pierpont Door
1976 to 1987: George Koumantzelis, DHARMA, Jim and Karen "KABE" Nakos, Peter Panas, Susan Saba and Chris Gambon, "Frenchy," Leo Panas, Fred Faudie, Phil Shadan, Peter Serfes,  Peter O'Connor, Dr. Edward R. Ellis, JR., ND, Shakti Shoes, Jim McGready, Arthur Demoulas, Leo Tanguay, Ravi and Karen Estle Don Sullivan, Bruce Sullivan, University HiFi and then AV LAB, Paul Tingas, Rick Rousseau, Peter Biker, The Waffles (1980:Johnny Butler, Tim Moriarty, ... ) Paradox (1981:Alex Michaels, Demetrios Sgouros, George Koumantzelis), The Hobbit, Eric Eldering, Oedipus, David Allaby, Henry Pozeta, John Bowers, Mammoth (1983 - 1985: Mark Pestana of The Four Last Things, Steve Tello, Jeff Hanley The Saxman, and George Koumantzelis), Toby Kirkelis, Dave Ginieres, Andy and Tony Drenas, Manny Psaledakis, Data-Bank-A (1984: Andy Szava-Kovats, Chris Elston), Marjorie Blood and Wesley Blood, Robert Hunter, Gurdjieff, Aeolian Kid (1985 - 1987: George Koumantzelis, Mike Ginieres, George Stamas), Lowell Locks and Canals, The Swamp Locks, Bob Alvarez, Saba's Bar, Emile Kaufmann, Mr. Northway, Tyler Park, Fernando deSouza, John Tamanakis, Tony Progris and Lenny in The Drum Hut of PROGRIS Music Center in Nashua NH, The Work, Fourth Way, Plato, The Vedas, Baghavad Gita, Ramayana, Platoon, Ruth Gordon / COURAGE!, Harold and Maude, Borother Sun Sister Moon, Jesus of Nazareth, Franco Zeferelli, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Bill Pearmain, Svetlana Speyer, Big Aunt Rimma, Rimma "Jacqui" McCreanor, John and Joan Reardon, Eric, Mark, and Chris Reardon, Jack and Joe Sweeny, The Upanishads, Paramahansa Yogananda, Gandhi, The Bible, The Jesus People, Meher Baba, Maharaji / Neem Karoli Baba, Stephen Gaskin and The Farm, Swami Rama, Yogi Bajan, Bozo, David Carradine, Kung Fu, Bound For Glory, Ramakrishna, Krishnamurti, Asa Elliot and The Bloom Highway, Rick Ingrasci and the original INTERFACE with the hologram, Stanislav Grof, Dr Bronner's ALL IS ONE Magic Soap, Arrowhead Mills Deaf Smith Organic Peanut Butter, NASOYA Organic Extra Firm Tofu, Brown Cow Organic Maple Yogurt, Walnut Acres Organic Dried Fruit, Wizard Baldour's Hot Stuff, Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice, Celestial Seasonings Emperor's 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1989 to 1994: George Koumantzelis, DHARMA, Church Street, AEOLIA: Whole Foods, Peter Orhanos, Richard Scott, Robin Linn, Sundance Cafe, Waleed Kadoura, Nick Goumas and Maiden Voyage, The Jack Kerouac Festival Poetry Readings, The Fig Tree Teahouse, Cornucopia Natural and Organic Foods, Gilbert G. Campbell, Aeolian Kid (1989 - 1994: George Koumantzelis, Michael Ginieres, Francis "Pip" Biancamano the IIIrd, Matt Donahue, Joe Tremblay,) The 60's Reunion Band (Billy Drenas, Chucky Kokinos, and Billy Graziano, Classic Cars, Tony and Sophia Orphanos, The Basement Beats (1989 - 1991: George Koumantzelis and Leo Tanguay, along with: Al Moody, Mike Ginieres, Al Boisvert, Doug Butler, and Manoj Padki), George Zitis, George Stamas,  Artie S. 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The Bears, Toad, The Lizard Lounge, Johnny D's, Central Square, Kendal Square, Kenmore Square, Mama Kin, Trish Masterson, Everyone at the 01853 Zip Code Lowell U.S. Post Office: Leo, Richard, and Brian McFadden, Great Woods, The Tweeter Center, Nightstage in Cambridge, Guitar Center, The Carrage House, Coleman from DRUMS at Veneman's Music Emporium in Rockville, MD, Kris Thompson, Chris Porter, "Live From The Fallout Shelter" at WJUL, Bob Weston, John Guregian and "Blues Deluxe, "Eric In The Morning," "Eric In The Evening" at WGBH FM, Boston, Out Cold (1991 - 1994: Mark Sheehan, Kevin Mertens, John Evicci, and Fred Evicci), The Palace of Fine Arts at The Marina in SanFrancisco, California, Salon Vergados, Bananas, The Lokai, The Five Skins (1991-1994: Brian Dugay, Ed Meczynski, John Cummings, and Eric Zakerstall), The Bellringer, The Mammoth Road Club, Pete's Lowell Downtown Blues Bar, Fox Hall Tower, The Abstract Orangutans (1991-1994: George Koumantzelis and Scott Richards, along with: Chris Elston, Andy Szava-Kovats, Joe Tremblay, Mike Ginieres, and Scott Bears), Eddy O'Keefe, Edible Rex, Brian's Ivy Hall, Sundance Cafe, Mount Monadnock, Mount Washington, Time Bandits, EARTH FIRST!, Smoke Signals, Phil Burnette, Riversound Studios, BAD BRAINS, Steven Boisvert, The Healers (1992 - 1994: Gregg Daigle of Grass Soup and Raing Cane and buddies), Worldseed (1992 - 1994: Dave Iverson of Ichabod, Andy Kaknes, Iris, and crew), Andy Kaknes (1992 - 1994: Andy Kaknes and Joe Platz of Syzygy), Chris Koutrobis (1992 - 1994), Patrick Taylor and Jane Litwin Taylor, Bill Pearmain, PUSH (1993 - 1994: Matt Donahue and Pip Biancamano), Stash (1994: Tom, Scotty, Mike, and buddies... 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1997 to 1999: George Koumantzelis, Aeolian Kid (1997 - 1999: George Koumantzelis), Peter Simopoulos, Dave Ambrose,  Dr. Charles Nickitopoulos Ph.D.,  Amy Kopaczewski and Amir Baloch True Age (1998 - 1999: George Koumantzelis and Andrew Szava-Kovats), "JAZAK-ALAH," Landing In Libra (1997 - 1999: George Koumantzelis, Johnny Butler, and Amir Baloch), Dr. Mario Aste Ph.D., Dr. Levon Chorbajian Ph.D., Dr. George Luter Ph.D., Dr. Christos Bentas Ph.D., Dr. Dean Bergeron Ph.D., Ron and Paula McCabe, Dr. Carol Brown Ph.D., Dr. Daniel Egan Ph.D., Dr. Jack Nusan Porter Ph.D., Dr. Kristin Esterberg Ph.D., Dr. Mitra Das Ph.D., Dr. Jorge Santiago Ph.D., Dr. David Lenson Ph.D., Dr. Hillary Holladay Ph.D., Dr. Jeffrey Gerson Ph.D., Dr. John Ost Ph.D., Dr. John MacDougall Ph.D., Dr. William Roberts Ph.D., Dylan Archambault, EBSCO Host, Chinese Herbalist Dr. Ming Wu, Mathematics Professor John Lahoud MA, Dr. William Moylan PhD., Dr. John Shirley Ph.D., Professor Fred Buda, UMI, George Zaharoulis, Coburn Hall, Allen Hall, Weed Hall, Dr. James W. Loewen, Illuminations Bookstore,, Alta Vista Search Engine, Musician's Friend Gear and Instrument Catalog,, Jonathan Harr, A Civil Action, Michael Robertson, Amherst MA Post Office Box, Tom Korkidis, Sunderland MA Post Office Box, Dunstable MA Post Office Box, Amit Agarwal, Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Andover MA, Bill MacGillvray, Trias Dunlavey Masterson, Brian MacAuslan, The Computer Lab in Kitson Hall, Corrine Beaudin, Anthony "Tony" Koumantzelis, Dan at Seattle Filmworks, Dean Nancy Kleniewski, Dorothy Andreasson of The Andreasson Affair, Gordon Michael Scallion, Doug Butler, Richard Riso and The Enneagram Studies, Amanda in Professor Luter's American Indian classes, The Enneagram, Helen Palmer, Elizabeth Stratton, Ward Churchill, A Little Matter Of Genocide, Ronald Angeloti and his Lakota Sioux Brothers, John Alexopoulos,  Terrence McKenna, INTERFACE, EQ Magazine, Zachary Simmons, FAFSA,, Francine Wallaker, Jimmy Allen, Jaimie Corsiglia,, Dave Perry and Wendy Perry, Jim Cozi and Ubu, Joel Kaplan, Joe and Joanne Brady, Joe Firmage and The Word Is Truth ISSO Foundation, Norman at The Graduate School of Education, Peter Saradjian,  ON INDIAN LAND, Michael Costa, Beverly Chorbajian, Ruby Chorbajian, Seta Chorbajian, Von Chorbajian, Mr. Cadran, Reynol Diaz in Mexico, Ron Karr in the South Campus Library, Sam Bragg, Richard in the South Campus Library, Tom n the North Campus Library, Tzara at, Steve Tello, Paul Marion, Dr. Thomas B. Roberts Ph.D. and his Psychedelic Studies class at NIU, WJUL / WUML website
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Link to the musical sample page of the home web site of IASOS, the great, new-age, musical artist here!...
"He loved the Creator, and honored his wondrous creation. ...YOWZA!"  - George Koumantzelis - Boo Hoo of Belvidere, Granola Guru of AEOLIA, Your Yonder Yogurt Yogi of Wamesit.
    "Always remember that your life exists in that space of grace that depends upon the person in front of you keeping their foot on the gas, and the person in back of you keeping their foot on the brakes, while you gracefully glide in the middle. Pray that the reverse never becomes the case, or you'll be in serious trouble before you know it! ... The only way you can keep on moving is to keep moving!"
- George Podunkin of Nodonuts
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Link to the musical web site of Aeolian Kid at CD in  order to buy albums of hard-folk, space-blues, and tribal-rock songs of  heart-centered, mind-manifesting, tail-wagging music by AEOLIAN KID here!...
The album "Yogi & Yogini" by Aeolian Kid was released in 2013 on the Aeolian Music Works record label. Available at amazon.comck here to add text.
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Link to the musical web site of Aeolian Music Works at in order to buy individual songs as musical downloads from all of the artists and bands on the Aeolian Music Works record label by simply clicking on this word - Aeolian Music Works - right here!...
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